Welcome to the official website of Science Fiction Writer and Publisher, Richard Flores IV (that’s me). On this website you can find things about my writing and publishing careers including Novels, Short Stories, magazine publishing, and my blog.

You can also find my social media presences on Twitter and Facebook. I am also a Twitch Streamer that streams both gaming and writing/publishing content. I have also started a Discord that merges these two worlds where I’d love to gather a writing group together.

I am very much about the promotion of fellow writers and publishers. In February 2021, I started a regular live stream feature called Wednesday Night Writes. I am willing do help promote other authors through interviews, guest spots, panel discussions, and more. If you have ideas, suggestions, or want to take part, check it out here. While the streams are live on Wednesdays, they will be uploaded to YouTube within a week (or so) for Video On Demand use to the WNW Playlist. Blog Posts are also an option for promotion. All of these are great for Book Tours!

I hope you enjoy your stay on my website, and I hope we can connect on Discord and Twitter!