2021 is Here

“Well shit.”

Two simple words, but something I found myself saying a lot in 2020. It was a year of changed plans, adaptation, and all around fuckery. But perhaps what worries me the most was that in January 2020, I’d have never expected it.

And now we are 7 days into 2021 and if this was one of those free trial offers, I’d be canceling before my credit card was charged.

Sometimes we can’t control the things happening around us, but we can control how we react to them. I spend most of 2020 saying, “When this is all over I’m going to…” And I realized it was largely a depression based reaction to the entire situation.

But 2020 wasn’t all bad. I have many blessings that I many others may not be able to claim. And though the pessimist in my is gaging at the thought, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the positive.

First and foremost I did construct an office for myself in the my house which included wiring the home for ethernet. I am not a handy person and to complete another remodel feels good. It needs some final touches, but I was glad to accomplish that.

COVID hit my home, and while that isn’t positive, it was a blessing not to be hospitalized and that we all recovered. And the experience was enlightening to me as it was unlike anything I’d had before and offered a perspective into what some are going through.

Neither my wife or I lost our jobs due to the pandemic which was a huge concern at the beginning. The concern was more out of the unknown than anything else. But both of our employers did a great job of explaining what they were doing and how they were protecting us. So I felt reassured knowing what was going on. My wife had to report to work every day throughout this all. I’ve been fortunate to work from home most days.

The other advantage to working from home was getting the ability to be home with my kids more. In the past, work days often felt like I went to work, commuted, and then rested for the next day. But I feel like I’ve discovered more time to cook, eat as a family, and just enjoy family life. Though I must admit working and trying to track three boys’ school activities is really hard.

I was very late to the Animal Crossing New Horizons craze. Not joining the island community until late October. And a I think the hidden thing about that game is the community around it. My wife pointed out a Twitch streamer, KailelleXD, who has built a fun community around the game. And honestly it really made the last few months of 2020 bearable.

2021 Countdown ACNH style

I was really worried how a stressful 2020 would combine with a holiday season, and this community gave me a chance to unwind and have a little fun. While the game is certainly a fun escape in itself, social interaction was a nice change. Though again, I honestly miss in person interaction with people.

So 2021 is here, and it is starting off rocky, but I am hoping to put some focus back into my passions. I hope to continue a fight for change and I hope everyone has the best of health. I won’t go into a resolutions in this post, a reflections post is cliché enough, but I do hope to have a successful 2021.

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