Broken Trust

Earth is no longer teeming with human life. After a major mass extinction event, the world is no longer able to function as it once had. Governments have collapsed and those that survived are left to figure out what is next for the human race.

Liam Fisher never wanted to be a leader. But after finding survivors, protecting them, and founding the city-state of Lagoon Hills; the people demanded he be their leader. Instead, Liam agreed to sit on a Council with four other leaders.

Together with Talya Brooks, the person who saved his life after the collapse, Liam runs the militia of Lagoon Hills. And though it was tough early on, the people of the city now live in relative comfort and safety.

But Liam is fighting his own personal demons: The loss of his wife and unborn son. Rachel, a past lover he never really got over, has suddenly arrived at the city gates. And the mounting stress of a neighboring city-state threatening war.

The people of Lagoon Hills are counting on Liam for their safety. Can he keep himself together and be the leader everyone wants him to be? Or will the people closest to him be the greatest threat of all?

Praise for Broken Trust:

“It kept me awake because I wanted to finish it.” – Little Miss Reader

“Broken Trust is a book that works for anyone with any interest in the apocalyptic world.” – Essi Id, Amazon Review 

“There is an escalating but slow-rolling multi-leveled story arc with an epic clash and battle for everything Liam, Rachel, and Talya hold dear.” – C. W. VanderReyden, Amazon Review

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