Ramping Back Up

When you’ve been in a creative slump for a number of years, you don’t just fall right back into it. Well, maybe you do but I don’t. And since inspiring myself to get out of the slump, I haven’t written anything on a story yet. This despite the fact that I have set aside 2 hours per weekday for writing.

But I have been ramping back up slowly. I have got more active on my Twitter, posting there far more regularly. I am blogging weekly now, as I really wanted to do. Reading nightly has become a thing for me too. The next step I am taking is integrating writing talks and novel readings into my Twitch Live routine.

But the words won’t come out when it comes time to write fiction. I open the files, I’ve even reread a few pages of past writing from the novel I need and want to write. But when the time comes, the words just don’t happen. And largely I think a few factors are at play here.

First, I really am working through the publishing need with myself. I honestly think it feels like I need to do it. I know I am a broken record about the closure of Factor Four Magazine. But, it bums me out hard anytime I think to write. Even when I sit down to blog I think about it. Overall, I think this is making my own creative writing slump. I’ve worked out that my sudden passion write again, in bubbling some need to publish again as well.

Second, I haven’t had that inspirational visit to conventions for a long time. That’s been hard as well. The people, the environment, the social aspect, and best of all talking on panels, all inspire me to keep creating. But, those things are not possible for right now.

But I am tackling this on a few different levels in order to slowly ramp myself up into what I need to do. One thing I am doing is I will start once or twice weekly readings of my novels on Twitch live. I am nervous as hell about that. Even in live readings, I get really apprehensive about. But I am going to try it out. One hour reading on Sunday night. Depending on the feedback I will go to twice a week.

I am also going to do some live vlog type stuff. Thinking about Wednesday night Writes, in which I talk writing to my audience. I am thinking about what the visual aspect will be. Also thinking of doing interviews with other writers and publishers. And panel discussions on topics in the writing community. I plan to make that a weekly feature, starting next week.

I think rereading my works will really help get my mind in the frame of the storyline and ready to write again. If I get a good response to the readings, then maybe that confidence boost is what I need. The other thing that my mind has done, is begun to think about some small amounts of revenue that could be generated from streaming live. I am hoping that I could funnel that towards more creative passions.

And while reopening Factor Four Magazine seems like a pipedream at this point, I think it is important that I recognize the possibility and let my mind dance around there. But I also need to focus on what my goals are. This year that goal is writing, reading, and streaming. So I need to get aligned with that. That doesn’t man that I can’t think about what needs to happen to return to publishing. It just means that I need to explore that AFTER writing time.

We are only four weeks into the new year. No reason to be hard on myself. We are slowly ramping things back up. Social presence is important too. And this blog is great for exercising my mind and my thoughts. I am going to get there, I will be successful, and it will be worth it to do it at my pace.

Much love and thank you for the support.

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