Author Interview: Michel Vamrell

Today, Michel Vamrell stops by for a little question and answer session.

RF: Tell us about yourself.

MV: I am an artists, creator, and dreamer.   I love to create things, and dream up things.  I am also a very physical person.  I enjoy hiking, riding bikes, and walking.  I love sports and staying active.  I have a husband that I love and adore.  He and I have two girls.  One is from his first marriage and our youngest is our creation.  I am the youngest of my family, and I have an older brother and an older sister.  I do come from a creative family.  My mother and brother are both artists.  However, my mother stopped drawing in painting in her early thirties.  As for my brother, he still paints today, but as a hobby.  I was raised in Robinson Il.  But, I was not a popular child and couldn’t keep friends in my early teenage years.  I love watching movies, and my favorite genre is horror.

RF: Tell us a bit about your book.

MV: My book is called The Full Moon Slayer, and it is a trilogy.  Or what I call it Alice’s Trilogy of Horror.  The book is about a woman by the name of Alice Blake and her family moving to a new life, but there are unexplained deaths where her family moved to.  And her life changes forever. 

RF: Where did you come up with this idea?

MV: Well, my husband and I were talking one late night about one of my childhood neighbors.  And my mom had mentioned to me once before about how very odd this child was and violent.  And I was telling my husband about this child, and I asked what if he grew up and became a serial killer.  Also, what if we lived next to him?  So then, right after that the first idea of “The Neighbor” was created.  But, it changed and morphed into now “The Full Moon Slayer”

RF: Besides the genre you write, what genres do you like to read?

MV: Honestly, I really do not read many books.  I am a watcher, observer, and doer.

RF: Who do you find to be a huge inspiration for your writing? And why is that?

MV: I would have to say two people.  One was and still is my mom.  She allowed me to watch all those horror movies and pushed me to get my book published.  The other is my love and my muse, my husband.  I didn’t even start writing stories until I meet him.  I did have a few stories in my head.  But, when I meet him and made up “The Full Moon Slayer” with him, it awakened something in me.  Before, I meet him all I thought of myself was an artist not a writer.

RF: Are there any more projects you are currently working on? Do you know when we might get to see those?

MV:  I am working on the second part of “The Full Moon Slayer” called Nightmares: Alice’s Trilogy of Horror.  And I think the book maybe out by Easter 2014 or the Summer of 2014 the latest.

Thank you so much to Michel for stopping by and participating in my interview.  If you would like to find more about Michel, you can find her on Facebook.  Or you can find her book here.

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