Broken Trust Character Bios

In my last two blog posts on the topic of Broken Trust, I’ve stressed a lot about  how much thought I put into the world.  What I’ve neglected to mention is how much thought I put into the characters as well.  I like characters, not just in my own novels, but in any story I read or watch.  I enjoy characters, I enjoy they way people interact with each other, and I enjoy watch my characters form bonds and break trust (Don’t worry there are no spoilers below).

Typically characters are the first to form in my head when I start a story.  I don’t even have a place for them most of the time.  But once a world is formed I tend to have plenty of characters to put into it.  It is part of the reason why my novels tend to revolve around several main characters. With Broken Trust, I did something a little different.  I actually wrote out a bit about each character, including descriptors and a brief biography.  I thought I might share that with you now.

Wonder which of these characters you are?  You can take the quiz to find out.

Liam Fisher

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 220

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Description: Tall with dark hair, kept real short.  Before the mass extinction he would have been heavyset, but he has lost much of the weight both due to low food supplies early one, and the hard work he has put into constructing a city-state.

Bio: Before the world changed, Liam was married with a child on the way.  He lived in the old city just outside of Lagoon Hills.  He was a well respected physical security expert and has vast amounts of knowledge on “hardening” buildings against physical security threats such as terrorists, thieves, vandals, and corporate saboteurs. He was a fan of survival shows on TV, though was never a survivalist.  A quiet person, he kept few friends.  Though once you get to know him he is very loyal to those he keeps close to him.

After the world changed, Liam struggled to cope and was contemplating suicide when Talya found him.  Though Liam barely knew Talya he went with her in search for a place to live and the two quickly became close.  Liam and Talya discovered a group of survivors and together they founded Lagoon Hills.  The people wanted to make him their governor, but Liam didn’t want to be a leader.  They pressured him into taking some leadership role so he suggested a Council of Leaders, in which he is part of a five person leadership role.  His job is to keep the militia maintained and the people safe.

Talya Brooks

Height: 5’10” (5’11” if you ask the people he commands).

Weight: 145

Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Description: Considered tall for a woman, and very fit.

Bio: Before things turned upside down Talya was in the armed forces.  She has intentionally kept her reason for departing secret and most don’t bother to ask. She has no family anywhere nearby, if they are even still alive.  She has dated several men in her time, but nothing serious ever came from any of them. She has an advanced knowledge of defensive tactics, weapons, and tactics. Many would have seen her as the life of a party, very popular and having many friends.  But the truth was, she has few true friends and recognized this.  She is an avid runner and ans a result has stayed very fit.

After the world went south, Talya went searching for people she knew.  She found Liam and took it upon herself to care for him in his distraught state.  She is Liam’s right hand and most trusted adviser.  Though technically his second in command, they tend to command the militia together.

Rachel Tabor

Height: 5’3″

Weight:  115

Hair: Brown

Eyes:  Brown

Description: Short, thin, and has a plain look.

Bio: Before the end of the world, Rachel was an Army wife.  He husband was deployed and when the government collapsed they didn’t fly him home.  He was left behind with the rest of the troops to fend for himself.  She studied to be a Teacher in school, but was never employed as one.  Rachel was once a rather shy person, and may still be, but the Army life has forced her to come out of her shell to make friends.  She lived on base housing, so she was the last to be exposed to the effects of the rest of the world’s suffering.

The military was one of the last things to collapse in the government, and when it finally did most of the world had long since though the government was dead.  Rachel was given a choice.  Stay where she was and continue on with life the best she could, or take a ration of gas and go where she wanted.  Rachel chose to head south to her hometown.  Though she knew most every one was dead, she had head rumor of one particular person she once knew.  Liam Fisher, her one time high school sweetheart, so she set out to find him.

Take the quiz to find out which of the characters you are. Click the image to find out.

Take the quiz to find out which of the characters you are. Click the image to find out.

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