Broken Trust Updates, Trailer, and Tour Schedule

IQ8 am now nineteen days into this big release party and I thought I would share a little progress report for those interested in knowing how it is going.  The release party has taken a lot of work. I scheduled over 275 Facebook and Twitter posts promoting various aspects of the book.  I created 12 trivia facts and 12 image graphics with quotes form the book (like the one you see on the right). Scheduling all the giveaways for the Book a Day in May was also a lot of work.

So far I have given away 18 paperbacks (one had no entries) and there are still a bunch more to go. I got a whole box of books here to give away and I don’t plan to keep them laying around the house. So make sure you check the giveaways section of my website for chances to win.

For a little bit of fun I have also created a couple of quizzes you can take.  Click the images below to take them.  Lots of fun.

Take the quiz to find out which of the characters you are. Click the image to find out.

broken trust quiz 2

I don’t think this has created all the  buzz I hoped it would.  So far I have no preorders, not even from family, even with the big discount. I don’t think people are too comfortable preordering. Someday I hope Amazon will let Createspace users choose an advanced publishing day so people can preorder through Amazon.  But it is what it is.

Below you will see that I have a book trailer ready for Broken Trust. I am really happy with this one.  I didn’t make it myself as I did with Dissolution of Peace and Volition Agent.  I used to find someone to do it for me.  I absolutely love it and hope you do too.  Please make sure to like in on YouTube.  Broken Trust will be out on May 29th!


Of course there are still 12 more days left in the party including the Broken Trust Blog Tour. I am really excited about this one.  Below are the dates and my stops.   I will also be doing a Twitter Interview on May 27th where you can ask me about anything, not just Broken Trust stuff. Have questions about Plasma Frequency, one of my other books, questions about writing, or just something fun to ask.  Tweet those questions on May 27th to @Richard_Flores4

May 22 Meredith Mansfield’s Blog – Guest Post
May 23
May 24 The Chronicles of ChrisLandia – Review
May 25
May 26 Anya Breton’s Blog – Interview
May 27 Twitter Interview
May 28 INYË ÓLËA ATA – Guest Post
May 29 I am Write – Interview
May 30 Little Miss Reader – Broken Trust Excerpt
May 31 Flores Factor Blog

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  1. nrlymrtl
    That is a very good book trailer. Love the sound track to it.
    • Richard Flores IV
      Thank you. I really like it to. It turned out how I hoped it would, which doesn't always happen.

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