Heat Waves and other Ramblings

There were a few reasons I moved away from California and a few reasons why I chose Washington to move to. Among the top of the list was that I wanted to escape the heat. I was tired of 100 degree days. I was tired of there being a lack of rain. I wanted a nice cool climate to move to. But that has certainly changed this summer.

Each summer it seems to get warmer and warmer. It seems like when I got here any weather in the low 90s was rare. But now, as I sit through two heatwaves in one summer, It has become clear that warm weather is now a part of the Pacific Northwest.

Considering many of the homes here, including mine, don’t have air conditioning it is rather unbearable when the weather is like this. Doesn’t help that working from home means I can’t escape it. The only blessing is that my lower floor, where my office is, does tend to be a little cooler that the rest of the house.

The heat keeps you from being motivated to do just about anything. In fact, I was supposed to be working on a short story, but all I wanted to do is complain about the heat. The funny thing about heat is that everyone wants to complain about it. It is the one thing everyone seems to do in the heat.

I wish that complaining would turn into action about these things. But that is something that I could rant on for some time, which isn’t really the purpose of this blog post. But for the sake of us all, including our children, we need to do something.

Back to the topic at hand. The heat hasn’t dissuaded me too much. I am still getting writing done, finishing two short stories this week. I also submitted four others to markets. While short stories were not my plan to combat the writer’s block I discussed in my last blog, it seems to have worked. Though I do still feel a novel project pulling at me.

Overall, it has been a pretty productive week. I won’t get any writing done over the weekend as I have family plans. But I do plan to be back at it on Monday.

Well, that is my rambles for this week. Simply put, it is fucking hot. And I need to install AC in my house.

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