Merry Christmas! (Free Ebooks)


What ever your choice of holidays this season, I hope you and your family enjoy them to the fullest extent.  Christmas is a time of year I always enjoy.  Something I find I enjoy even more now that I have kids.  It is a time of giving, a time of joy, and even a time of excitement for the things to come in a new year.  So from my family to yours, Merry Christmas.

Here is your Christmas Present:

Did you get a new Kindle?  Or are you wanting a to load up a eReader you are gifting?

Check out Dissolution of Peace.  As a Christmas present to the world, I have made Dissolution of Peace free for THREE DAYS.  On December 24, 25, and 26th, you can get your Kindle copy 100% free.  This will be the last free give away I do for a little while, since my KDP Select will be expiring in the new year, and I have yet to decide if I will renew it.  So don’t miss out.  This is a great chance to send it as a gift to a friend’s eReader, add it to the eReader you are gifting, or to load up your eReader.  Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!

Here are what reviewers are saying about Dissolution of Peace:

“Lots of action, good emotional points and I love the landscape… I left my soft chair and became a love-crossed, beautiful captain of a starship.” – Scifi Book Review

“Tension. Betrayal. Love. Lust. Politics. Action. This story has it all.” – Robert D. Marion

Amazon customers are frequently calling Dissolution of Peace a “Great Read”.  So don’t miss out on a chance to grab it for free.

Once you get your copy of Dissolution of Peace, run over to Plasma Frequency and get your free copies of all our issues for your eReader of choice.  All three of our issues are free and that is a lot of great short fiction that belongs on any Speculative Fiction reader’s eReading device.

Here is how where you can unwrap (get) your free presents from me:

Dissolution of Peace on Amazon US:

Dissolution of Peace on Amazon UK:

Plasma Frequency Magazine:

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