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Merry Christmas!

With Christmas Eve tomorrow, and Christmas following on my typical blogging day, I thought I would jump in with an early blog post to wish you a Merry Christmas!  If you don’t celebrate Christmas, then I wish you a Happy Holiday-of-your-Choice!  If you don’t celebrate any Holidays, then Happy Weekend.

I always love the Holidays.  From Thanksgiving to New Years day, I am one happy camper.  When I was younger it was the anticipation of Santa and getting gifts.  But, as I got older, I began to enjoy it for what it is really all about.  Family, friends, and celebrating life.  Now, with a family of my own, I enjoy Christmas because I get to see that same wonderment and excitement I used to have, in my children.

Just about all three of my son’s know about Santa, though my youngest isn’t sure what all the fuss is about just yet.  They are excited to get the visit from Santa Claus while they sleep tomorrow night.  They are even more excited to get up Christmas morning.  This year they really have been worried I would forget to help them make cookies for Santa.

My family always enjoys listening to Trans Siberian Orchestra on the Holidays.  I used to attend the concerts yearly, but now I think it will be a once every few years thing.  But the CD’s will be playing this weekend.  This year I discovered Straight No Chaser, an A cappella group that I think is great.  My wife gave me a box set of their Holiday music as an early Christmas Present.  I discovered them by hearing their version of the “12 Days of Christmas” (seen below).


Of course all the Christmas Specials are all over TV.  Some of them I have seen a thousand times this year.  I always enjoy “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” (the original cartoon version).  It is always a fun one to watch.

Of course after Christmas comes the new year.  With the new year comes the New Year’s Resolutions.  I have already made a couple of them.

Of course the Holidays are about a lot of things, but I hope that you enjoy them with those that matter most in your life.  Take a moment to reflect of the things that really matter in life.  And above all enjoy what you have.  I know it’s easier said then done, but it is worth the effort.

I will leave with another fun song by Straight No Chaser.  Merry Christmas!




Holidays are Coming

That’s right folks, we’re less than a week away from Thanksgiving.  Santa will be here before we know it and I am already running out of time and money.  I enjoy this time of year.  I like the weather.  I like the excitement in my children’s faces.  And, I like the big feasts.

This year I am cooking my first Turkey and having the whole family over.  I am not sure how I feel about that, but I am sure I will do fine.  I love to cook, but its a lot to cook.  Worst of all, my wife will be working so I won’t have much support.  However, I am looking forward to getting together with the family.  Of course, once they are all packed in my house, all bets are off.

I won’t be doing the Black Friday nonsense.  I spent five years of my life working in Malls providing security for all those people converging on malls in hopes of getting some stupid toy.  No toy is worth trampling a crowd of people.  All those years of dealing with the Black Friday crowds, and the worst of the people there, has spoiled me from ever wanting to deal with it again.  So I will lock myself up in my Black Friday bunker, devour left overs, and sleep all day.

In the first part of December, I will emerge from my bunker and start shopping.  It won’t be any better.  There will still be crowds everywhere, but I prefer that to internet shopping.  I hate spending my money had waiting for things to arrive.  But it is more then that.  Shopping at your local stores provides money for your local economy, provides jobs, and is an all around better thing.  So I shop in stores, with rare exception.

After I get all the shopping done, it will be time for Christmas Eve Dinner.  Growing up we always did dinner on Christmas Eve.  I am sure my mom didn’t want to spend any time cooking while we were all playing with new toys.  I think I will be hosting my own Christmas Eve Dinner this year.

The best part of this Christmas is that I won’t be traveling anywhere.  You see, since I married my wife, I have had to travel to my family’s house, then to her family’s house.  They don’t live far apart, but man is it still tiring.  Then with the kids, it meant trying to cram three kids worth of toys in one car and driving home.  But not this year.  This year, they can all come to us.  I am spending that day sitting in my sweats and watching my kids play with all their new stuff.

No matter what religion you are, and what holidays you celebrate, the holiday season is about family.  It’s a time to enjoy your family and the little things in life.  So when you are stressed out in the traffic, long check out lines, or traveling all over town for that special gift; remember none of its important in the grand scheme of things.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and I will see you all next week.

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